How can we ensure

How should Israeli society

be reorganized to ensure

equal opportunity and prosperity for all?

How can we ensure

What will Israel’s relationship be with

its citizens, its army, its national institutions,

and friends around the world?

How can we ensure

Which policies will position Israel

to maintain its influence in international affairs

and preserve its technological edge?

How can we ensure

What can we do to envision and

proactively plan our second century?

How can we ensure

How can Israel grow into

a more just and moral Jewish state?

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What should Israel look like in 2048?

Israel has achieved much in its first century. Despite ongoing existential threats, Israel has survived, thrived and surprised the world with its growth, progress, and advances in technology – all in just a little over 70 short years.

While Israel’s successes are impressive, laudable – even miraculous – it is time to look ahead. Building a nation-state from a dispersed people was an incredible first phase, but it is now time to move the country – and the entire Jewish people – into the next phase, building a future based on mindful and strategic planning.

What should Israel look like as it reaches its first 100 years? How will our strong and vibrant Jewish state give expression to the Jewish ideas that have guided and sustained it for generations ?

For a future Israel to reflect those values and aspirations, the work must begin now. Many are already working on smaller aspects of this challenge – we embrace their efforts and will seek to partner with them. The founders of Israel 2048 (R.A.) believe the effort should be global and expansive, an holistic process that includes Israeli influencers, young adults and the Jewish population around the world.

Israel 2048 was created to be the catalyst and convener of many voices so that as a people, we can move from improvisation to strategic planning and policy making to ensure a successful future for Israel.


To shape the face of the future Israel by driving processes and policies which reflect the core values, vision and hopes of Israelis and the Jewish people. To galvanize and empower stakeholders – and the next generation – to discuss, craft, and implement concrete plans, to mindfully build our future as a nation, informing our actions by design.


Impact Israeli public policy and civil society for Israel’s second century via publishing, online and in print media conversations, in-person gatherings, and facilitating groups of diverse stakeholders around critical issues.

Energize people across Israel and the Diaspora to take ownership of Israel’s future and give them the means to help shape it.

Generate constructive dialogue with tools for implementation around seminal issues using all available channels – from social media to school curricula, conferences to conversations.

Engage influencers – journalists, rabbis, educators, politicians, and writers – in raising these and other questions for discussion by their audiences.

Train Israel’s next generation to engage in strategic planning with a clear set of core principles and to view their role in actively bringing those plans to fruition.

Community management – We will recruit a community manager to organize six global ‘community cohorts’. Each cohort will engage on an issue from the Manifesto, together with top issue experts, facilitating a clear pathway to new policies in Israel.

Digital engagement – We will build awareness and mobilize our movement through social media campaigns and traditional media outreach. Our ideas will be translated into multiple languages, and we will serve as a source of expertise, gathering data from other organizations focused on planning for Israel’s future.

Convening community – In 2023 we will mark Israel@75, the first of our planned international summits that will bring together innovators from across the globe every five years, until Israel’s centenary in 2048. This promises to be an inspirational gathering, hackathon of ideas and incubator for change.


There are questions to be addressed now, in the years before Israel’s centennial. Just as we did in the pre-state period, we must encourage debate and initiate conversation about our future, especially among young people, tapping into the same grit and creativity that made Israel the miracle that it is.

Our objective is to launch a global movement for public discourse around Israel 2048.

We envision these conversations taking place in town hall and parlor meetings, synagogues and schools, and at international summits and conferences.

As a nonprofit institute, Israel 2048 will fund and publish research on issues vital to Israel’s future, bring attention to outstanding achievements, and educate younger generations about Israel’s challenges, encouraging them to take an active role in shaping their destiny.

Assuming responsibility. Clarifying a vision. Applying our will.

These are the keys to making Israel a more judicious, cohesive, sovereign, and secure state, one that is both Jewish and democratic.

Israel 2048 (R.A.) is precisely that initiative.

2048 The Rejuvenated State

2048 The Rejuvenated State



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